Digital Marketing Courses in Australia and Sri Lanka

eMinds Academy Australia & Sri Lanka offers practical digital marketing courses in Brisbane and across Australia to improve your skills in handling digital marketing on your own. We are the only academy in Australia that provides CPD UK-certified practical digital courses for professionals, students, or anyone who is willing to become a digital marketer.

Our CPDM and DPDM courses are certified by CPD UK, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards. This recognition affirms the quality and relevance of our practical digital marketing courses, enhancing both skills and professional credibility for our students.

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Our courses provide immersive training with industry case studies, equipping students with essential skills to excel in the digital marketing field.

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Meta-certified lead trainers and highly skilled industry experts in the global market are here toguide you in building strategies and teaching practical skills.

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A Few Words About eMinds Academy

eMinds Academy is proud to be the first CPD UK-certified training institute offering practical digital marketing courses in both Sri Lanka and Australia. The job market is booming with opportunities, and companies of all sizes are seeking skilled digital marketers who can independently manage their digital strategies.
Why Choose eMinds Academy?

  • Meta Certified Lead Trainers to guide
  • CPD UK Certified Certificates
  • Digital Credentials
  • 100% Practical Courses
  • Operating in Australia and Sri Lanka
  • 5+ Years in the Practical Digital Marketing Courses Industry
  • 55 Intakes Completed
  • Student Support Line Available All 7 Days

Digital marketing is passport to a successful career

Digital marketing is your passport to a successful career. In today’s fast-paced digital world, acquiring practical digital marketing skills is crucial. At eMinds Academy, we provide industry-recognized certification programs that empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel.

In-demand Skills

According to LinkedIn, 85% of companies are looking for digital marketing expertise

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High ROI

A survey by Robert Half shows that certified digital marketers can command salaries up to 25% higher than their non-certified peers

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Growth Opportunities

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that digital marketing jobs are expected to grow by 10% annually

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