A Few Words About eMinds Academy

eMinds Academy is proud to be the first CPD UK-certified and TVEC-approved training institute offering practical digital marketing courses in both Sri Lanka and Australia. The job market is booming with opportunities, and companies of all sizes are seeking skilled digital marketers who can independently manage their digital strategies.
Why Choose eMinds Academy?

  • Meta Certified Lead Trainers to guide
  • CPD UK Certified Certificates
  • Digital Credentials
  • 100% Practical Courses
  • Operating in Australia and Sri Lanka
  • 5+ Years in the Practical Digital Marketing Courses Industry
  • 55 Intakes Completed
  • Student Support Line Available All 7 Days

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Years of Excellence


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Training Hours

Our team member

Navigate Challenges with Consulting Expertise

Siduranga Sanjeewa

Lead Trainer, Paid Media Lead Specialist - Next Level Racing & Pagnian Advance Simulation

Tim Joyce

Trainer, BBM in Marketing from the University of Queensland, Experienced marketing program manager in the education, sports and video games industries.

Madushan Mudunkotuwa

Lead Trainer, Digital Strategist at Mullenlowe Group in Dubai, MBA, UWTSD

Nawodi Samarasiri

Head of Academic, Lecturer, PhD candidate at QUT, Former Lecturer at UOM, Bsc&Msc from the University of Sri Jayawardhanapura

Fab Ferruzz

Trainer, E-Commerce & Sales Manager at Pagnian Imports Pty Ltd in Australia. Bond University in Queensland, Australia.

Ijaaz Farook

Assistant Lecturer

Nilmini Perera

Head of Enrolment

Sumudu Sewwandi

Enrolment Manager

Chalani Rashodma

Enrolment Manager

Piyumi Anushka

Administrative Lead

Chiranthi Kawshalya

Operational Assistant

Deeshan Sandeepa

Graphic Designer

Chiran Wijethunga

Junior Digital Marketer


Improving Your Skills is Our Focus

H. Don Anamica CEO at Infinito Boutique

So I would highly recommend eMinds Academy to learn practical digital marketing especially for business owners and professionals.Good Luck eMinds Academy and the team.

Mumthaz Mohammed Sales Director at Figo Holidays Private Limited

One of the Best Training Center For Digital study , Thank you very Much.

Mr. Aruna DGM – Marketing at BOC

It’s a fully practical course which we can learn the deep end of digital marketing and the course really helped me when I work with digital agencies

KeZara Wikum

eMinds Academy is hands down the best place to learn practical digital marketing! The course is super practical and worth every penny. Mr. Siduranga's teaching method is fantastic, making it easy for students from any background to learn. I completed my certificate here and am now doing the diploma program - it's been an incredible journey! The instructors are experts, the curriculum is top-notch, and the support is exceptional. Completing my certificate here was a game-changer for my career. As a social media marketer and content creator i will Highly recommend eMinds Academy for anyone serious about mastering practical digital marketing!

Isuru Sandeepa Wanninayaka

This is the place that changed my whole life by 360 degrees. In 2019, I was on a different career path, but I wanted to change my field. So, I reached out to Mr. Siduranga Sanjeewa and followed the eMinds CPDM and DPDM courses. He provided me with all the guidance on how to succeed in digital marketing. Now, I work for one of the top digital agency in Sri Lanka as a Senior Performance Marketing Associate, all thanks to eMinds Academy and Mr. Siduranga Sanjeewa. If you want to learn real practical digital marketing, this is the best place in Sri Lanka! 🔥

Thanushka Iroshan

It's not just wording that eMinds is the "Pioneer in practical digital marketing". They have proved it with excellence. It was a nice and fruitful learning experience that I had with them. Especial thanks goes to Mr.Siduranga who gave his fullest support during the course.

Boominda Fernando

Truthfully I did a very expensive digital marketing course in a leading IT campus in Sri Lanka. but when I went to the real-life scenarios I wasn't able to perform what I learned because they all taught me the theoretical side only. and I was very uncomfortable about it. so my friend directs me to Eminds Academy. After attending this course I'm happy to say now I can now run a full digital marketing campaign for any brand on my own. Every cent I spent on this course was worth it! Thank you Eminds!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Priyanga Amarasuriya

It was a wonderful learning experience to learn Digital Marketing with eMinds. The focus of the lessons is on the practical aspects and the lecturer, Mr Siduranga was amazing and guided and motivated the participants sharing his knowledge and experience. The course fee was reasonable and a payment scheme was available. I recommend this institute for anyone who would like to learn Digital Marketing.

Suneth Darshika Bamunusinghe

As a Business Manager, I wanted to enhance my know-how of digital marketing. I wanted to attract more global business opportunities for the export-related products we manufacture. Thanks to eMinds practical Digital marketing course, now I can run digital campaigns, effectively, getting more inquiries from overseas. I truly enjoy it. Thank you EMINDS ACADEMY.

Sajani Rajapaksa

The best practical course for business owners and professionals to learn all aspects in digital marketing. The unique way of teaching and engagement with the students helps improve our knowledge on how to build a digital strategies for any brand that helps build confidence in any student who has followed this course! Highly recommend eMinds Academy! Good luck team 😊

Boominda Channa

After attending this course I'm happy to say now I can run a full digital marketing campaign for any brand on my own. Every cent I spent on this course was worth it! Thank you Eminds!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sethum manvidu

I joined the Certificate in Digital Marketing in eMinds Academy. Before enrolling in this course, I had limited knowledge in digital marketing. The course not only explained these concepts but provided training that has greatly enhanced my proficiency. The course structure and materials were well-organized, ensuring a seamless learning experience. I believe this program has equipped me with a solid foundation in digital marketing, and I am excited to implement these newfound skills in my professional endeavors.

Gayan Rathnayake

Enrolling in the Practical Digital Marketing Diploma program at Eminds Academy was a game-changer for me. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed, covering all aspects of digital marketing with real-world applications. The instructors are experts in the field, offering engaging sessions that make complex concepts easy to grasp. The supportive learning environment and practical insights gained have significantly boosted my confidence in navigating the digital landscape. I wholeheartedly recommend Eminds Academy for a comprehensive and enriching digital marketing education.

Rusiru Dassanayake

Exceptional experience at E-minds Academy! The staff is incredibly supportive, and the lectures are both cool and informative. A top-notch Digital Marketing Institute in Sri Lanka.

Gayasri Amaraseakara

The course is exceptionally valuable, with a strong focus on practical aspects, providing a more tangible and applicable knowledge base.

Menik Paranawithana

I had a lot of research and thought before I decided to register with Eminds Academy. What prompted me to take this decision to join them was their detailed outline of the syllabus and the guarantee that it would teach the practical elements to Digital Marketing. Following through with the course, I realized the lecturer (Siduranga Sir) was very passionate about the subject that also made me see the beauty of this subject. The extra sessions he holds on Fridays are also very informative and the fact that he links course content to actual work related examples are enlightening. The subject to me is definitely challenging with the constant changes and being a beginner, however, everything in this course is streamlined and with much dedication from our side, I believe Eminds could be a great option to be an expert in Digital Marketing.

Dilini Fernando

I am currently pursuing a Digital Marketing Diploma at eMinds Academy, and I highly suggest it to anyone serious about advancing their career in digital marketing or simply wanting to expand their knowledge in this ever-evolving field. eMinds Academy is the best place to be. It’s an investment in your future that you won't regret!

Dulara Lalanjaya

eMinds Academy is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their digital marketing skills. The quality of education, the support from instructors, and the wealth of resources make it a standout institution. I highly recommend eMinds Academy to anyone serious about advancing their career in digital marketing.

Upeka dulanjalee

Eminds Academy's digital marketing course is exceptional! The practical approach makes it stand out from other courses I've taken. Each module is filled with hands-on exercises that truly prepare you for real-world scenarios. The instructors are knowledgeable and always available to help. Thanks to Eminds Academy, I feel confident and ready to excel as a digital marketer. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enter the digital marketing field.

Sapumal Kapukotuwa

I am thrilled to express how immensely beneficial and enriching my experience has been with this exceptional practical digital marketing course. The insights gained have significantly fortified my understanding, equipping me with extensive knowledge crucial for advancing my business endeavors. Undoubtedly, navigating through this course has proven to be an invaluable asset for any aspiring student aiming to excel in the dynamic landscape of the digital marketing industry

Anuruddha Kalhara

EMinds Academy Australia is an exceptional platform for learning! The courses are well-structured, and the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. I've gained valuable skills that have helped me both personally and professionally. Highly recommend for anyone looking to expand their knowledge!

Hafsa Hassim

I recently completed the certificate in practical digital marketing and couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. The course content was comprehensive and up-to-date, covering all the essential aspects of digital marketing in a practical and engaging manner. What truly stood out was the excellent support system in place. Whenever I had any doubts, the support line was always available and incredibly helpful. Additionally, the lecturer was fantastic, making sure to address all questions thoroughly during the class. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to enhance their digital marketing skills.

Hasini Nagahawatta

Currently following this course and the course covers all the essential areas with hands on learning which I'm finding to be very valuable. It is a well organized course with a supportive community and resources. This is a course which offers valuable insights and practical skills that can help you excel in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Hasun Perera

I had the pleasure of working with Siduranga (the main lecturer) at a leading PLC in Sri Lanka. As his client, I can vouch for the effectiveness of his approach and strategies, which generated excellent results. After some years, I decided to further enhance my technical skills by enrolling in Siduranga's E-Minds courses. Without a doubt, I can confirm that E-Minds is one of the best institutes to learn performance marketing. Their courses will undoubtedly level up your knowledge and practical skills in performance marketing.

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