• 450 AUD

This program is certified by CPD UK. It is a three-month course meticulously designed to enhance your practical skills, preparing you to excel in a digital marketing executive role.

Course content of our Digital marketing certificate course

1. Formulating a digital strategy 

2. Introducion to Meta business suite and Meta business manager 

3. Campaign set up – Meta 

Awareness / traffic / engagement / app installs / lead generation / messanger and whatsapp

4. Audience building – Meta 

Custom audinces / core audiences / looklike audiences

5. Introduction to Google ads

6. Google search ads

You will learn how to do a keyword reaserch and set up search campaigns

7. Google display ads 

You will learn all targeting features and how to set up responsive display ads 

8. YouTube ads 

You will learn how to set up skipable ads and non skipable ads and how to build a strategy for a brand

9. SEO ( search engine optimization )

Introdcution to SEO, crawling, indexing, ranking, robots txt file, site map, page errors, URL optimizing, SEO title, meta description, header tags, content optimization, alt tags, link building 

10. Friday extra session 

Meta ads policies, Google perfomance max campaigns, chatgpt, AI and machine learning, video marketing strategies, special ads catagories etc…