• The Best Digital Marketing Diploma in Sri Lanka - Diploma in Practical Digital Marketing

  • 750 AUD

Our digital marketing diploma is recognized as the premier practical program in Sri Lanka, offering the most advanced course content to elevate your skills to a managerial level. This esteemed diploma is CPD UK certified, ensuring the highest quality standards. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded an internationally recognized certificate, further enhancing your professional credentials.

Course Content of Our Digital Marketing Diploma

1. Discovery commerce – Meta 

  • Machine learning
  • Liquidity

2. Meta pixel and pixel set up

3. Meta conversion events set up

  • Standard events 
  • Custom events 
  • Custom conversions

4. Google tag manager

  • Tag manager set up 
  • Conversion events set up using GTM

5. Meta conversion ads

  • Standard conversions ads 
  • Advantage + shopping campaigns 
  • Product catalog ads

 6. Google analytics – GA4

  • Google analytics set up with the GTM
  • How to use GA4 to analyse website traffic 
  • How to create GA4 conversion events

7. Google conversion ads

  • Google conversion tracking set up 
  • Google conversion ads set up

8. Google search ads extensions

  • Site links extensions 
  • Call out extensions
  • Call extensions 
  • Price extensions 
  • Structured snippets
  • Lead form
  • App
  • Promotion
  • Location 
  • Business name and business logo
  • Advertiser verification

9. Google audiences manager

  • Set up the Google remarketing tag using the GTM 
  • Create website retargeting audiences

10. Cross border marketing – How to promote a local product to the international market

11. Automated rules – Meta ads

12. Experiments – Meta ads

  • Split test 
  • Brand lift analysis
  • Conversion  lift analysis

13. Ad reporting – Meta ads

14. Google shopping ads

15. Google dynamic search ads

16. Performance max campaigns – Pmax

17. SEO

You will gain hands-on experience in
doing SEO in WordPress.
Each student will be granted access to the WordPress backend.

  • Introduction to Yoast plugin
  • Basics of creating a web page
  • Keyphrase in slug
  • SEO title width
  • Keyphrase in title
  • Keyphrase in subheading
  • Meta description length
  • Keyphrase in meta description
  • Keyphrase density
  • Outbound links
  • Back links
  • Sentence length
  • Paragraph length
  • Passive voice %
  • Transition words
  • Subheading distribution 

18. Programmatic ad buying

  • Introduction to programmatic ad buying
  • DV360 
  • Taboola
  • Xandr

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